Police Department

The Eastham Police Department is one of the public safety departments of the Town. In this section you will find important information related to public safety topics such as animal control, domestic violence, and the services and programs supported by the Department.

We work together with various other Town departments, state, local and federal agencies to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors. 

Eastham police patch logo with native American emblem text Eastham police


CodeRed logo Opens in new windowCodeRed is a notification system for residents and their families to be alerted of important public safety, weather or other information via telephone/cell phone/email messages. It uses geolocation to help us target warnings for the Town to specific areas when necessary, It is NOT used for non-emergency Town business. 

Please visit the CodeRed link and sign up to receive Eastham-specific notifications and stay informed and safe! Contact the Eastham Police Department if you have any questions.

police cruiser parked in lot with sunset in background
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night time image of police station front with seal and blue lights on building