Department Roster

Chief Adam Bohannon

Deputy Chief Daniel Deschamps    

Lieutenant Robert “Gus” Schnitzer

Sergeant Mark Haley
Sergeant Josh Adams
Sergeant Reid Booth
Sergeant Ryan Daigle

Detective/School Resource Daniel Burnham 
Detective Andi Murphy

Eastham police patch logo with native American emblem text Eastham police
police cruiser parked in lot with sunset in background

Officer Gregory Plante
Officer Carrie DeAngelo
Officer Richard Pellegrino
Officer Jacob McGrath
Officer Ryan Melia
Officer Brendan Cronin
Officer Victoria Wagner
Officer Stephen Brown

night time image of police station front with seal and blue lights on building

Administrative Assistant Joan Baker
Administrative Assistant Rene Averett

Records Clerk Melanie Beaulieu

Dispatcher Kerianne Leidenfrost
Dispatcher Ann Schaefer
Dispatcher Jacqueline Sprague 
Dispatcher Kevin Tansey