Sex Offenders

Request Sex Offender Information

You may obtain registry information by appearing in person at the Eastham Police Department or by requesting information directly from the Sex Offender Registry Board by written request on an approved Sex Offender Information Request Form (PDF).

Request Process

  • Return a completed Request Form (PDF)
  • Be prepared to show proper identification (i.e. Drivers’ License)
  • The Eastham Police will furnish the name, date of birth, offenses, and the home or work address that the offender is registered to.
  • Requests are free of charge.
  • All records of inquiry will be kept confidential, except to assist or defend in a criminal prosecution.

Sex Offender Registry

  • Search the Sex Offender Registry
  • Sex Offender Registry Board

Available Information

Information about a sex offender is available to the public only if he/she has a duty to register and he/she has been finally classified by the Board as a Level or a Level 3 Offender. Once an offender is finally classified as a Level 2 or a Level 3 Offender, his/her sex offender registry information will be available to the public. Registry information will be updated regularly.

Level 3 Sex Offenders (Highest Risk)

Please see the following list for current Level 3 Sex Offenders working or living in town:

Level 2 Sex Offenders (Moderate Risk)

  • There are currently no Level 2 Sex Offenders in Eastham