Can I have a fire on the beach?

Ocean-Side Beaches (i.e.: Nauset Light Beach, Coast Guard Beach)

The Cape Cod National Seashore allows a limited number of permits per beach per day for campfires (uncontained with clean, dry firewood). You can obtain permits by calling the Salt Pond Visitor Center a: 508-255-3421.

Visit the NPS Guide to Beaches for more information on fires at ocean-side beaches.

Bay-Side Beaches (i.e.: Cooks Brook, Campground, First Encounter, etc.)

Open fires (such as campfires) are NOT allowed on bay beaches. However, charcoal grill and in-contained cooking devices are allowed (Please take all coals or debris off the beach - do not bury coals).

For further questions, please call the Eastham Fire Department at 508-255-2324.

Beach fire location diagram

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