Public Works


circular logo with icons of hard had, hydrant, hand with leaves and recycle logoThe Department of Public Work's (DPW) main goal is to maintain the public infrastructure and facilities in a cost-effective manner that preserves and protects our natural resources. The Town's infrastructure includes roadways and storm drains, signs and street markings, parking lots, street lighting, grounds, fields and parks, beaches and ponds, the transfer station (solid waste and recycling programs), municipal vehicles and equipment, and public buildings and facilities.


Functions & Responsibilities

All DPW divisions work as a single unit tasked with the responsibility of providing services that preserve public safety, health and the environment. The DPW is responsible for the care and maintenance of town trees, for cleanup during storm events, for snow and ice removal, as well as for providing administrative and technical support to other Town departments in conjunction with their activities.

Some of our core functions include:

  • Preparing the Annual Operating Budget to fund the Department's operations
  • Developing and Updating the 5-year Capital Improvements Plan to maintain and upgrade the Town's Public Infrastructure
  • Applying for Grants to supplement requests for Town funding
  • Maintaining about 50 Miles of Public Roads and over 800 Stormwater Structures
  • Scheduling and Programming Seasonal Maintenance Operations
  • Operating the Transfer Station
  • Reviewing a Variety of Permit Applications
  • Addressing Public (Catch Basin Cleaning, Pot Hole Patching, Roadside Clearing, etc.) and Internal (Area Cleanups, Leaky Faucets, HVAC Systems, etc.) Requests for Service
  • Maintaining Eastham's Public Beaches, Ponds, Public Cemeteries and Fields, Conservation Areas, and Open Spaces
  • Maintaining the DPW Vehicles and Equipment. Providing Fuel for the Town's Fleet and assisting other departments with minor repairs and maintenance to their vehicles
  • Cleaning and Maintaining most Town Buildings
  • Ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations relative to Public Works Operations and Public Procurement
  • Assisting other Town Departments with Technical Support and Labor for Various Projects

Please stop by any time and ask us what we could do to help you!