I recently sold my property and am still receiving a Real Estate or Personal Property tax bill – why, and what should I do?

If you sold your property on a date that is close to a tax due date, more than likely real estate bills were printed (with the prior owner’s name) prior to the transaction, and/or the Assessor’s Office hadn’t received the recorded deed from the Registry of Deeds. If you are unable to forward the bill to the new owners please return the bill to the Collector’s Office, 2500 State Hwy Eastham, MA 02642 (with a quick note informing us of property transfer) so we may forward the bill to the appropriate party. Please do so immediately for it is very important that the party responsible receive the bill in a timely manner.


If you received a personal property tax bill and were the legal owner as of the prior January, you are responsible for the entire Fiscal Year. For Example - You are the legal owner of a property 1/1/2021 and sell the property 8/15/21. You will be responsible for entire FY22 (7/1/21 - 6/30/22) Personal Property bill.

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14. I recently sold my property and am still receiving a Real Estate or Personal Property tax bill – why, and what should I do?
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