Who decides how the money is spent?

The CPA Committee researches the Town's needs, consults with committees that are knowledgeable about each of the community preservation areas, and gathers information from the public. There are a total of nine committee members. Five members are representatives drawn from the Eastham Housing Authority, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Recreation Commission, and the Planning Board, while four seats are citizens-at-large positions appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

After the CPA Committee has studied a proposed project it will decide whether to recommend that project to Town Meeting for funding. If it decides to recommend the project, a Town Warrant Article is drafted and presented to the voters at Town Meeting to determine whether they support funding the project as recommended by the CPA Committee.

So, while the CPA Committee has a vital role to play in how CPA funds are spent in Eastham, ultimately, the voters at Town Meeting decide which projects are approved.

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