Climate Action Committee

Eastham Town SealClimate Action Committee Charge

Appointing Authority: Select Board: Advisory to the Select Board

Membership: Seven citizen members, with three-year overlapping terms. Staff will be assigned as deemed appropriate by the Town Administrator

Staff Support: Town Administrator

Charge The Climate Action Committee’s primary focus shall be to study and make recommendations to the Select Board regarding the following:

  • Methods for minimizing the Town’s carbon footprint
  • The Town’s vulnerabilities to the consequences of climate change

The Climate Action Committee may also recommend to the Select Board whatever actions are necessary to implement the Town’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and if approved, take such actions, including:

  • Prepare recommendations outlining the specific policies necessary to achieve carbon reduction and vulnerability mitigation goals, for the approval by the Select Board.
  • Conduct public education and outreach to residents, homeowners, businesses, and other stakeholders about Eastham’s carbon footprint and its climate vulnerabilities.
  • Provide meaningful options for individuals to reduce carbon footprint, including options for groups and/or neighborhoods.
  • Provide meaningful options for businesses to reduce carbon footprint, including options for replacing plastic items (ie: bamboo or compostable forks/spoons/knives instead of plastic).
  • Provide an annual report for inclusion in the Annual Town Report describing its efforts and accomplishments.
  • The Select Board shall designate a liaison to serve as a point of contact for the task force.

Meetings: The committee shall meet monthly.

Reports/Reviews: The committee shall update the Select Board at least annually.

Staff Contacts

Jacqueline Beebe508-240-5900


NamePositionTerm Year
Ellen GreerClerk2023
Roberta LongleyChair2024
Cheryl GayleVice Chair2025
Devon O'RourkeMember2025
Michael SarcioneMember2025
Roy MerolliMember2024

Agendas & Minutes

View Climate Action Committee Agendas & Minutes.