Treasurer / Collector

The Office of the Treasurer/Tax Collector is responsible for the timely billing and collection of all of revenues to, as well as the disbursement of all payments by the Town of Eastham. Additionally, the Office manages all of the Town’s debt issuance and repayment. The Office also manages Town payroll, and coordinates benefits for current employees as well as retirees.

NOTE: The Office does NOT collect for Water Usage bills. These bills must be remitted to Pennichuck Water. Please mail to: Pennichuck Water, P.O. Box 940, 25 Manchester Street, Merrimack, NH 03054. Payments dropped off at Town Hall will be mailed, but may be late, incurring late fees and interest.

Municipal Lien Certificates may be requested from this Office. Processing of returned items (rejected payments) for all departments is also handled by this Office. Fees for these services are:

  • Municipal Lien Certificates: $25.00
  • Returned Items Processing Penalty: $25.00

Interested a faster, cheaper way to pay taxes? Pay via EFT on our Online Tax Payment System!

  • At $.40 per transaction, it's cheaper than a stamp
  • Most payments are processed within 3 business days.
    • No need to worry about late fees & interest because checks were lost or delayed in the mail.
    • Any problems with payments are resolved right away - no need to incur late fees and interest while waiting on a returned check
    • No need to wait for payments to be posted. Payments are posted electronically when we receive them.
  • You can set up E-Mail alerts to remind you when taxes are due, or inform you of problems

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Laak Treasurer/Collector (508)240-5900 X3218
Sandra M. Johnson Assistant Treasurer/Collector (508) 240-5900 X3219
Amy Searle Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (508) 240-5900 X3220