Strategic Planning Committee

Charge to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee



Definition, Scope of Work and Charge:

Work with Town staff to develop an effective approach to planning for and prioritizing the Town's future service levels and needs while identifying the resources required to meet those needs. Members should seek the overall best interests of the Town of Eastham and conduct an inclusive process that reflects the ideas and values of the full community. The role of the Committee is to solicit, synthesize, integrate, and effectively communicate the information and ideas generated through data gathering, and along with Town staff, develop recommendations and strategic goals that will be presented to the Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting. Particular attention should be paid to guidance related to the desired levels of service, strategic direction and ideas regarding the current and future priorities the Town will pursue.

The work of the Steering Committee and that of the Staff Team will be critical in shaping the Town’s priorities and budget/resource allocations over the next 3-5 years and beyond. The process developed will inform decision-making, budgeting, and staff resource allocation as well as monitor the achievement of goals while increasing the Town’s ability to respond to unexpected challenges and/or opportunities.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee shall consist of (7) seven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year, overlapping terms.  The members shall consist of one member each from the Town’s regulatory Boards: (1) Zoning Board of Appeals, (1) Planning Board, (1) Board of Health, (1) Conservation Commission, and (1) Finance committee, as well as two members at large. The Town Moderator and the Town Administrator will also be ad hoc members. If there are no members from a particular committee willing to serve, the Board of Selectmen will appoint an at large member in their place. Other committees, town departments and individuals with particular expertise and desired input may be called to participate as needed at the discretion of the committee. The Committee may explore topics with staff, other Town committees and/or the public including: public safety, business and residential development, the needs and perceptions of specific groups such as part-time non-resident taxpayers and/or the business community, affordable housing, human services & recreation, education, infrastructure needs, capital investment, potential revenue sources, health and environment, community preservation, and any other relevant topics as determined by the committee.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee shall include, but not be limited to, working with Town staff to create a 3-5-year strategic plan that will:

  • Help recommend the direction and priorities for the work of the Town;
  • Create consensus and focus to help drive the successful achievement of the Town’s goals;
  • Simplify decision-making by defining priorities and the basis for them;
  • Align our resources to achieve strategic goals that best use allocated tax dollars;
  • Communicate both information and the process to residents and stakeholders so that they understand the Town’s challenges and resources, agree on important goals, and accept the key activities necessary to achieve those goals;
  • Maintain a process to continue to assess and adjust the Town’s direction in response to the changing environment and/or the changing needs of residents;
  • Develop a disciplined effort that can produce fundamental decisions and actions now that shape and guide consensus around what the Town’s purpose is; an understanding of who it serves and why; what services it provides or should provide and why; all with a focus on realistic and sustainable goals.


Adopted by the Board of Selectmen July 19, 2017.

Joanna Buffington

Board of Health Representative

June 2021

Arthur Autorino

Planning Board Representative

June 2020

Mary Shaw

Finance Committee Representative

June 2020

Alexander Cestaro

Conservation Commission Representative

June 2021

Brian Ridgeway

Zoning Board of Appeals Representative

June 2021

Scott Kerry

At Large Business Representative

June 2020

Benten Niggel

Nauset HS Student, At Large Community

June 2020