Beach Parking & Daily Passes

The Recreation and Beach Department manages seven bay beaches, three fresh water ponds, Dyer Prince Area and Hemenway Landing.
  • Vehicles parking in town lots at these locations must either have a beach sticker (Taxpayer or Visitor) or a daily pass.
Daily Passes
  • There are ONLY 4 locations where the daily pass is sold and permitted (see ** below).
  • Daily passes may be purchased at Campground, Cooks Brook, Wiley Park and First Encounter.  
  • Daily passes are NOT sold at the Town of Eastham Sticker Office.  All other locations require a valid Town of Eastham beach sticker.  
  • Town of Eastham daily passes and Visitor Beach stickers ARE NOT VALID at the Cape Cod National Seashore (Ocean Beaches).  
The department also oversees the daily operation of the Town of Eastham Sticker Office.
  • Boat Meadow Beach
  • Boat Meadow Road Area
  • Campground Beach **
  • Cole Road Beach
  • Cooks Brook Beach **
  • Dyer Prince Area
  • First Encounter Beach **
  • Great Pond
  • Hemenway Landing 
  • Herring Pond
  • Herring Brook Road Area (Herring Run)
  • Sunken Meadow Beach
  • Thumpertown Beach
  • Wiley Park **