Route 6 Corridor Improvement Initiative

The Town of Eastham is working with the Cape Cod Commission and in coordination with the Massachusetts department of Transportation (MassDOT) to conduct a transportation planning study for the corridor between Old Orchard Road and the Welfleet Town Line with the goal of developing context-sensitive improvements that will provide safe and convenient access within the study area for all users of the roadway system including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists.
Project Contacts:
  • Paul Lagg, Town Planner 508-240-5900
  • Silvio Genao, DPW Superintendent 508-240-5971
Task 1: Project Initiation
Commission staff will gather past studies and develop a plan for analysis of the study area. This task will include meeting with Commission staff and a consultation meeting with Town of Eastham staff and MassDOT District 5.
Task 2: Data Collection, Mapping, and On-Site Reconnaissance
Commission staff will gather data during the average season and peak summer season including crash locations, roadway geometry, traffic volumes, pedestrian/bicycle connections and land use information. At a minimum, traffic volume data will be collected at multiple locations along Route 6 and turning movement counts will be conducted at several intersections as well as key driveways to local businesses. Commission staff will also build a Synchro model to analyze current operations of Route 6. Commission staff will visit the study area to evaluate and photograph conditions. Town staff will be invited to attend the study area visit.
Task 3: Listening Session
The Commission staff will host a public meeting where opportunities and constraints along the corridor will be identified. The meeting will include a brief presentation including information gathered as part of the first two tasks, while focusing on input from the stakeholders in attendance at the meeting.
Task 4: Concept Development and Refinement
Information collected during the previous task will be reviewed with Town of Eastham staff and preliminary concepts will be developed. Conceptual design plans will illustrate options for corridor improvements with several alternatives. Commission staff will build Synchro models with the preliminary concepts to identify the impact of changes to Route 6 and adjacent roadways. A second public meeting will be scheduled to solicit feedback on proposed design concepts (Autumn 2019)
Task 5: Draft and Final Report
Concepts will be refined based on comments and feedback from Town staff, MassDOT District 5, and Commission staff. Refined concepts will be prepared as part of a draft report. The draft report will also include an analysis of each alternative’s impact on traffic flow and safety as well as planning-level estimates of cost, right of way and environmental impacts.
All of the information and comments received will be compiled into a final report document and delivered to MassDOT and the Town of Eastham.
Task 1: Project Initiation   [Winter 2018]
Task 2: Data Collection, Mapping, and On-Site Reconnaissance   [Spring - Summer 2018]
Task 3: Listening Session #1   [Winter 2019]
Task 4: Concept Development and Refinement   [Spring - Summer 2019]
Task 5: Public Listening Session #2 [Autumn 2019]
Task 5: Draft and Final Report   [autumn/winter 2019]