I noticed a new hydrant near my house, does it work? Does this mean I can save on my Insurance?

In 2014, Eastham approved the installation of a municipal water system, which include fire hydrants. To see the hydrant closest to your home, click here and then select “Layers” (On Left side of page), then “FIRE HYDRANTS”. Hydrants icons that are blue are active and operational.

To see when water will be installed in other streets of Eastham, click here

As for Insurance savings, you may be referring to the “ISO”, or Insurance Services Offices rating. This is an independent agency who rates fire departments and the fire protection of the community (1 is best, 10 being worst). The grading system looks at response time to fires, staffing and training of firefighters, equipment and dispatching. Reliable access to water accounts for about 40 percent of the grading system. For the Recently, Eastham was reviewed and dropped their score from a 9 to a 4 (in areas within 1000’ of a hydrant). While not every insurance company uses the ISO score to determine premiums, some companies are discounting policies due to the improvement in the score.

To determine the specific savings available to you, please contact your insurance company.

If you have other questions regarding fire hydrants or the ISO rating, please contact the Eastham Fire Department at 508-255-2324 or click here