How do I dispose of needles or lancets (such as used with diabetic persons or animals)?

Sharps (ex. insulin needles, lancets, etc.) are essential to the ongoing at-home medical care of many people, or even pets. Once these items are used, they pose a unique disposal challenge as it is unsafe to just throw them in the trash. The Eastham Fire Department is proud to participate in the Barnstable county sharps collection program. 

Sharps collection is offered at our fire station, free of charge during normal business hours. Sharps should be delivered in a clearly marked, sealed, hard plastic container. You will then be provided a new, unused hard plastic sharps container.

Please do not bring unsealed or loose needles, for everyone’s safety, please deliver sharps in sealed, hard containers.

For more information about the Barnstable County Sharps collection program, click here 

Need to dispose of medication? Visit our friends at the Eastham Police Station or click here