Cable TV License Renewal Advisory Committee

In accordance with G.L. c166A, the Board of Selectmen hereby establish a Cable T.V. Advisory Committee, composed of five (5) members, who shall focus on recommending acceptance of a Cable T.V. license or renewal of an existing license to the Board of Selectmen.  In developing said recommendation, the Committee shall, at a minimum, review the following:

  • License Term
  • Service Area/Line Extensions
  • System Upgrading Potential and Schedule
  • Future Technology - How Accessed, Service Area
  • Institutional Networks (I-Nets)
  • Public Access/Local Origination
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Senior Citizen Discounts
  • Annual Performance Review
  • Performance Bonds
  • Gross Revenue - Definition- How Much - Pass Through
  • Expansion of Service to Underserviced Areas

The Committee may decide to recommend an “Informal Renewal Process,” which is less rigid.

The Committee shall report bi-monthly to the Board of Selectmen on progress and to discuss any other issues not explicitly stated in the charge but of concern in the license renewal process.

Board Members

Denise Kopasz
Denise Kopasz


Walter Sebastian



Tricia Ford