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Adult Registration Form

  1. Eastham Recreation Department Adult Registration Form

    Please complete the form below in its entirety in order to participate in the Town of Eastham recreational programs. 

  2. Eastham Town Seal
  3. Do you have medical insurance?*
  4. Medical Release Agreement:*

    I, the undersigned, understand that there is an inherent risk in recreational programs and that the range of injury can be minor to severe. I also understand and accept that in the case of injury, the Town of Eastham is responsible only for basic First Aid treatment. I further understand that participation in recreation programs required all participants and spectators to behave in a sportsman-like manner. 

  5. Media Release Agreement: *

    I, the undersigned, also understand that pictures/video taken in connection with this program/event may be used for promotional purposes for the Town of Eastham.

  6. By typing your full name below you agree to the above terms of participation.

  7. Questions?

    Please call the Recreation Department at (508) 240-5974 or email

    Thank you!

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