Annual Events

In addition to our programs and classes, we also hold various events throughout the year. Some are annual traditions, others are new ideas and ways to come together as a community.

View our calendar (located on our Recreation Department main page) as well as check out some of our favorite Town of Eastham traditions and get ready to have fun with our community!

Got Ducks?

Tub of plastic ducks
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15th Annual Duck Race Photos 2021

This year was our 15th year hosting our Duck Race where we had a total of 30 prizes between Thanksgiving turkeys, pies, gift cards (thanks to a local donation), a trophy and a duck hat. This event would not have been successful without the help of our wonderful volunteers for the Eastham community. This was by far our largest turnout to date with approximately 250 people in attendance! We love our Eastham community and can't wait for next year's race!