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Expanded Environmental Notification Form Application (EENF). EENF application not yet submitted to MEPA. Planned submission timeframe is pending.

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The Project

  • Location: Channel from Town Cove to behind the barrier beach and stopping at the Nauset Inlet.
  • The Inlet: The inlet would not be dredged.
  • Amount of Sand/Sediment: 155,560 cubic yards of material to be dredged (removed off site via trucks, and/or cast aside)
  • Channel Length and Width: 28,300 linear feet. 50' wide, 100' wide behind the barrier beach.
  • Dredge Zone: An area several hundred feet wide where the dredging and dredge channel could occur, depending on the location of shoals on a given year.
  • Cost: $3.1 million for one full dredge project. The project cost will be revised during permitting to include additional project elements.
  • Duration: One full dredge episode could take place over several years, this has not yet been determined. Approximately an additional 60,000 cubic yards may need to be dredged behind the barrier beach annually. Other locations would need repeat dredging every 8 to 15 years.
  • Purpose: Improve navigation in the marsh and Town Cove. Water quality will not be improved.
  • Methods: 3 - Hydraulic dredge, mechanical dredge, side-cast dredge.
  • Permits Required (8+):
    1. Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF - State)
      1. Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
    2. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA - Federal)
    3. Cape Cod Commission (Regional)
    4. Notice of Intent - Eastham and Orleans Conservation Commissions (Local)
    5. 401 Water Quality Certification (DEP- State)
    6. Chapter 91 Permit (DEP - State)
    7. Coastal Zone Management for Federal Consistency (CZM - State)
    8. US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE- Federal)
  • Any other additional studies, mitigation, and/or plans required by the above agencies.