Charge to the Water Management Committee

Staff support for this Board shall be provided by the Health Agent and, if appropriate, by the Town Planner, who shall attend and participate but not vote in the Board’s deliberations.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee shall include:

  • Investigation of experiences in other communities with regard to water supply and wastewater management practices, and the protection of ponds.
  • Compilation of a working library of information about water supply, wastewater management pond quality-protection practices.
  • Research current and evolving innovative methods of treatment and/or disposal of wastewater.
  • Identification of specific tasks and expertise necessary to complete water and wastewater management Plans, and recommendations regarding which tasks can be completed by the Board, Town staff, Cape Cod Commission and/or external consultants.
  • The Board shall annually report progress to the Board of Selectmen. At that time, the Board shall make implementation recommendations to further the protection of water quality in Eastham.

Revised and adopted by the Board of Selectmen on December 15, 2008