T-Time Development Committee

Eastham Town SealT-Time Development Committee Charge

Type of Committee

Advisory to the Select Board.

Overall Charge

The Committee will work with Town Staff to develop recommendations for the use of the former T-Time site (4790 State Highway) and identify any resources or partnerships that may assist the Town in best utilizing this parcel of land. Members shall prioritize the overall best interests of the Town of Eastham, regardless of their other affiliations or interests. The Select Board are looking to the committee to conduct an inclusive process that reflects and assimilates the ideas and values of the entire community.

Primary Goals

The Committee will work to identify the highest and best use of the land and utilize the following criteria (in no particular order) to prioritize its recommendations:

  • Social/community value
  • Business value (public/private partnerships)
  • Adding vibrancy and aesthetic appeal
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure improvements (traffic, transportation, utilities, wastewater)
  • Creativity
  • Potential regional partnerships, and
  • Consistency with the goals of the town’s strategic plan: preserve natural resources, encourage and welcome a diversity of residents, improve the travel experience, foster community spirit, enhance access to public recreational resources and increase the diversity of housing options.


The work of the Committee will be in two phases. Phase I will be primarily focused on a process of data gathering, research and analysis to identify and recommend possible options. Phase II will narrow the options and move towards a final recommended plan for the site.

The role of the committee is to:

Phase I 2019-2020:

  • Solicit, synthesize and integrate current ideas and planning priorities (such as the new strategic plan data);
  • Consider current zoning and potential future zoning;
  • Generate new ideas through research and data gathering;
  • Consider unmet needs of the community and prioritize;
  • Study existing land use models from other communities and;
  • Along with town staff, develop recommendations (options) for the Select Board.

Phase II will narrow the options and move toward a final recommended plan for the site.


The Committee will consist of nine (9) voting members, and one (1) student intern appointed from the community by the Select Board. Committee membership will reflect the diversity of the town and include citizens with various talents and interests. The Select Board reserves the right to amend membership during the designated term.


The Committee will have regular meetings, at least monthly, and post minutes for review.


The Committee will meet quarterly with the Select Board to review progress and plan jointly in March, June, September and December of each year, or at any time the committee requests to be placed on the Select Board agenda.


The Committee will work with the Town Planner and Town Administrator (or designee) and can request special information or assistance through this staff.

Approved by the Eastham Select Board on August 19, 2019

Revised by the Eastham Select Board on November 25, 2019

Revised by the Eastham Select Board on July 26, 2021

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