The Eastham Recreation Commission duties shall include

  • Assisting the Beach and Recreation Services Director in the development, promotion, and safety growth of active and passive recreational activities for all age groups.
  • Reviewing and assisting the Recreation Director in the development of participation rules and regulations associated with those activities.
  • Make suggestions through the Beach and Recreation Services Director, and/or hold joint meetings with other committees and commissions including but not limited to the Board of Selectmen, Open Space Committee, Library Trustees, and Conservation Commission, to discuss joint programs and events that may make use of facilities under the care of other town departments.
  • Develop an Eastham Bikeways plan that shall become part of the Town of Eastham Capital Plan. Actively monitor existing bike routes, provide recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for future improvements as related to user safety and convenience, and needs such as toilets, racks, water, etc. Assist in the implementation of these recommendations. Work with the Police Department patrol to enhance bike safety.

The Recreation Commission shall seek input from citizens in the evaluation of existing programs and suggestions for the development of new programs and activities. Such input may be sought at an annual public hearing scheduled by the Recreation and Beach Services Director.

The Recreation Commission activity goals and objectives, supported by the Beach and Recreation Services Director, shall be reported annually to the Board of Selectmen through the Town Administrator.

From the Eastham Home Rule Charter-1992

Charge added by the Board of Selectmen on October 23, 2013

Updated: October 24, 2013, June 15, 2015