Human Services Advisory Committee Charge

The Human Service Advisory Committee shall provide for the annual designation of a chairman and clerk and shall be responsible for keeping a written record of each meeting, consistent with the state requirements and the Town policy. All meetings shall be posted, in accordance with Town policy, and open to the public, except as provided by state statute.

All requests for budgetary support for human service agencies will be referred directly to the Human Services Advisory Committee. The primary task, then, of the Human Services Advisory Committee is to consider annually, requests from human services agencies for Town funds. The Human Service Advisory Committee is to consider the merits of these requests through interviews with said agencies. The interview process will include a statistical review of the agency's performance in the community and the need for such service. The interview finally, will assist the committee in determining which requests and the dollar value of such requests that will be recommended to the Selectmen for inclusion in the annual Town budget, for Annual Town Meeting consideration. The schedule for submission of budgetary requests shall be established annually by the Town Administrator and the committee will schedule its work accordingly.

The Human Services Advisory Committee also shall be charged with the responsibility of follow-up on projects or agencies which are funded by the Town in order to determine the quality of the service rendered. In addition to these budgetary and oversight responsibilities, the Human Services Advisory Committee, may be called upon to make studies and submit recommendations of further efforts the Town of Eastham should undertake to support critical human needs in the community.

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen in September, 1992.