Harbor Planning Committee

Eastham Town SealCommittee Overview

  • Appointing Authority: Select Board
  • Classification: Advisory to the Select Board
  • Membership: 9 voting members, with three-year overlapping terms.
  • Staff Support: Town Administrator designee, and includes the Harbormaster.
  • Meetings: The committee shall meet monthly to establish a work plan, and then quarterly thereafter, or as needed.
  • Reports/Reviews: The committee shall update the Select Board at least annually.
  • Approved by the Eastham Board of Selectmen on February 24, 2020.
  • Disbanded by the Eastham Select Board 7/26/2021.

Harbor Planning Committee Charge

The Harbor Plan Implementation Committee is tasked with the implementation and governance of Eastham’s first Municipal Harbor and Waterways Plan. The plan, completed in 2020, encompasses goals and recommendations formulated based on public stakeholder feedback. The plan is effective for the next 5-7 years, and be updated to ensure it continues to reflect stakeholder needs and values. The committee shall work to achieve the goals and recommendations within the plan as much as practical within this timeframe. Other committees, town departments and individuals with particular expertise and desired input may be called to participate as needed. The members shall include two commercial fishermen or relevant business owner/operator and one representative from each of the following committees and groups: Rock Harbor slip holder, Shellfish and Waterways Committee/Workgroup, Recreation Commission, recreational boating community, Conservation Commission representative, Strategic Planning Committee, and one member at large. If there are no representatives from the community and committees listed, then the Select Board may appoint an at-large member in its place.


  • Drive action items with success measures, and work plans from 2020 through 2025.
  • Track new and emerging needs and values to be explored in future plan revisions.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with town departments and other entities in order to carry out plan goals and recommendations.
  • The committee shall work with town staff and departments to receive updates, feedback, and discuss progress on plan implementation as needed.
  • Explore and support multiple funding opportunities to implement plan recommendations.
  • Research and provide relevant data, ideas, and input on recommendations, project timeframes and implementation strategies.

Staff Contacts

Shana BroganProjects & Procurements Director508-240-5900

Agendas & Minutes

View Harbor Planning Committee Agendas & Minutes.