Board of Highway Surveyors Charge

More specifically, the duties of the Board include general support and advice to the Superintendent of Public Works and the Board of Selectmen as may be appropriate and as indicated below:

  • To work closely with the Superintendent of Public Works and provide guidance and support in the development of five-year capital outlay plans for roads and drainage.
  • To determine the need for/prioritize roadway construction/repair and maintenance work.
  • To assist in the review and evaluation of private roads as requested by the Planning Board, that are being petitioned in accordance with by-law procedures, for acceptance as Town Roads.
  • To coordinate the activities of the Board of Highway Surveyors and Public Works with other Boards and Committees such as the Board of Health and the Recycling Committee.
  • To monitor state, federal and county regulations, directives, etc. and recommend appropriate actions relative thereto.
  • To assist DPW Superintendent with research or assistance as may reasonably related to the duties and responsibility of a Board of Public Works.

The Board shall have such additional powers with respect to the performance of such duties of any other boards, departments and offices of the town as may be reasonably related to the duties and responsibilities of a board of public works, as the town may from time to time by-law provide, any other provisions of law to the contrary notwithstanding.

From the Home Rule Charter 1992.

Charge added by the Board of Selectmen 7/19/04

Amended August 20, 2018