Community Rating System (CRS)/National Flood Insurance Program

Program Overview

The Community Rating System, or CRS, is a voluntary program that municipalities may choose to participate in to earn discounts on flood insurance for their constituents. Discounts range from 5% to 45%, with most Cape Cod towns able to earn a 5%, 10%, or 15% discount. This level of discount still requires a significant commitment from the town and is a great accomplishment.

Program Participation

In order to earn this discount, towns must undertake certain actions and regulations that reduce flood risk and improve public safety. Many towns are likely already pursuing several of these actions and can get credit for existing activities. Examples include strong building regulations, protecting open space, protecting wetlands, providing information about flood maps, conducting public outreach, and conducting stormwater management. Some activities undertaken by individuals can also earn credit, such as retrofitting a structure so that it is more flood-resistant, tearing down an older structure and replacing it with a new flood-resistant structure, and preserving open space in a flood-prone area.

Check Your Property Location

The Penn State web app can show you if your house or property is in a flood zone. The Community Development Department is also available to assist you with questions about FEMA flood-plain maps and the National Flood Insurance Program. Town staff can assist you with the following:

  • Flood-plain property determinations
  • Advice on reducing flood damage to your property
  • Questions regarding Eastham's Flood Plain Zoning By-Laws
  • Questions regarding the flood-resistant construction requirements of the Massachusetts State Building Code.
  • Topographic maps and other GIS information