Herring Run Regulations

Herring Possession is Prohibited

The Herring Runs in Eastham shall be closed to the taking of herring at all times and the possession of any herring shall be prohibited.

Adopted Regulations

The following regulations have been adopted by the Board of Selectmen pursuant to MGL Ch 130section 94. These regulations are established in order to regulate the harvest of river herring in the two runs which are under the control of the town as established by Town Meeting February 4, 1946.

  1. For purpose of these regulations, the term river herring refers to those species of fish known as alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus) or blueback (Alosa aestivalis).
  2. All sections of both Herring Runs are closed to the taking of herring. It shall be unlawful for any person to harvest, possess or sell river herring in the Town of Eastham or in the waters under the jurisdiction of the Town of Eastham.
  3. Throwing objects or litter into the waterway, tampering with gates or malicious destruction of the herring or herring run is prohibited. Dogs shall not be permitted in the run.


The penalty for violation of any of these regulations shall be fifty ($50) dollars for each offense (each fish shall be a separate offense).