Rabies 2021

Terrestrial (Raccoon-Variant) Rabies

Terrestrial Rabies in Cape Cod Fact Sheet

Cape Cod just documented our first raccoon-variant rabies case in over 8 years. In response, USDA is implementing an emergency trap-vaccinate-release campaign to the east of where the index case occurred. This is in hopes to get ahead of the rabies front and work back west.

We are seeking property owners who would allow wildlife biologist and technicians to access their properties to live capture, vaccinate, tag, and release raccoons and other terrestrial rabies vectors on their properties. This event will begin on June 14th and is slated to be completed by July 2nd. The areas in pink on the Rabies Vaccine Map (PNG) are where this will take place and include areas in Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Harwich, and Chatham.

If you are interested in participating, please email Ryan Bevilacqua! Your help is critical and important to stopping the spread of raccoon rabies across Cape Cod. Thank you for your cooperation.

Rabies Vaccine Map

Rabies vaccine area