Building Department

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Building Division Summary

The Building Division is responsible for administration and enforcement of the Massachusetts State Building Code, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, the Architectural Access Codes, and the Eastham Zoning By-Law.


Submit a Permit ApplicationConstruction worker reviewing building plans

Permit applications are being accepted by mail or physical dropbox (located at the main entrance or fire department side door). Once issued, we will be mailing back all pre-paid permits. We will call you to arrange payment for permits with a fee due. Inspections are being completed on a normal schedule and we are available for any inquiries via phone at 774-801-3231 or by emailing the Building Department.

Please note that Wally requires all requests for electrical inspection in writing.

CSL Renewals

If you have questions about CSL renewal changes during the pandemic, please review the BBRS CSL Renewal Guide (PDF).