Address Change Forms

Eastham Town SealHow to change your Real Estate and Personal Property Bills mailing address

The mailing address that is on file with the Assessor's Office is the address used by the Treasurer's office. If your mailing address has recently changed and you have not notified the Assessor's Office, then your Real Estate and Personal Property Bills are being sent to the incorrect address. 

Address changes can be done:

Please note that address changes for the Water Bill must be done with the Water Department at 774-801-3244 or by email You can also request this change with the Assessor's office at the time you change the Real Estate Bill mailing address. 

Motor Vehicle Excise Bill Address Change

Motor Vehicle mailing address changes must be done with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. We cannot change the address for your excise tax in the Assessor's office. Please note that if you do not change your address with the RMV, your bills will continue to go to the last address of record. 

Boat Excise Bill Address Change

The Massachusetts Environmental Police change of address form can be found here. This form can be returned to Massachusetts Environmental Police Office via fax or mail, or it can be sent to our office and request that we forward it to MEP.