Taxation Aid Fund

On September 26, 2020 the town of Eastham voted to accept the provision of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 60, Section 3D, which allows the town to designate a place on the tax bill whereby taxpayers may voluntarily check off, donate and pledge an amount not less than $1 or higher or other higher amount to be added to taxes due, and to establish a Town, “Aid to the Elderly and Disabled Tax Fund.” The purpose of the fund is to defray the real estate taxes of elderly and disabled residents of low income. The Taxation Aid Committee was formed and met for the first time on August 17, 2021. Members of the Committee are local residents of Eastham, along with members of the Town of Eastham Administration.  

Applications are available for the Fiscal Tax Year 2023 and can be found at the following places: 

• Eastham Town Hall (2500 State Hwy, Eastham)

• Eastham Public Library (190 Samoset Road, Eastham)

• Eastham Food pantry (Eastham United Methodist Church, 3200 State Hwy, Eastham)

• Eastham Council on Aging (1405 Nauset Road, Eastham)

• Lower Cape Outreach in Orleans (19 Brewster Cross Road, Orleans)

The criteria for application is as follows:

1. Applicant must own real estate in Eastham as their primary and sole residence and have continually domiciled in Eastham for 5 years,

2. Applicant must be 55 years old on or before July 1, 2022 or disabled of any age.

3. Total yearly household income, including Social Security must be less than $35,000 if single, or less than $45,000 if married.

The deadline to submit applications is August 1, 2022. Please return your complete application to Eastham Town Hall Treasurer/Collector’s Office.

If you are interested in donating to this fund please write a check payable to the Town of Eastham and mail it to: Town of Eastham, Taxation Aid Fund, 2500 State Highway, Eastham, MA 02642. Please put “Tax Aid” in the memo line of your check.

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