If Your Motor Vehicle is Sold, Traded or Stolen

Eastham Town SealIf Your Motor Vehicle is Sold

  • cancel plate with the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • file an application for abatement together with the plate cancellation receipt and the bill of sale with the Board of Assessors. The bill will be adjusted to reflect the portion of the year when the vehicle was owned by the recipient of the bill.
  • if you sell/gift your car to family member, or a charity, and they register the car in their name, you are still responsible for cancelling your plates with the RMV. Their registration does not automatically cancel your registration. 
  • the abatement will be prorated starting the month after the cancelation of the plates - example: plates were canceled on August 10th. The abatement will reflect September through December.

If Your Motor Vehicle is Traded

  • file an application for abatement together with your trade in papers, and a copy of the new registration
  • the abatement will be prorated starting with the month in which the new car was registered - example: you trade a car on August 10th, and the plates get transferred to your new car the same day. The abatement will be applied for August through December. 

If Your Motor Vehicle is Stolen

  • If the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, the owner will be entitled to an abatement if the theft of the vehicle was reported to the local police within 48 hours of discovery of the theft. 
  • After 30 days, the owner must surrender the certificate of registration and obtain a certificate from the Registry of Motor Vehicles indicating that he/she has done so. T
  • his certificate and the local police report of the theft should be presented to the Board of Assessors with an application for abatement. 
  • The board will adjust the bill and grant an abatement for the remaining portion of the year. If the motor vehicle or trailer is subsequently recovered and reregistered, another excise bill will be issued for the remainder of the year. Falsely reporting the theft of a motor vehicle or trailer will result in severe penalties and a person may be charged up to three times the excise due on the vehicle for an entire year.

Remember: do not ignore a bill for a vehicle you no longer own. Contact our office to determine if you are eligible for an abatement.