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Photos of Eastham, Massachusetts
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I dial 9-1-1?
You should dial 9-1-1 to report a fire, any type of medial situation, crimes in progress, or any type of suspicious activity. We ask that you DO NOT use it to report a lost/found dog, power outages, or request school closing info.  The Eastham Police Department responds to ALL 9-1-1 Calls, including hang-ups and mis-dials. Please call the business line at (508) 255-0551 for all non-emergency matters and for general information.

How do I get a copy of a police report?
Police report's can be requested by mail or in person at the police station during regular business hours. Request's are usually filled within 10 business days. For more information, or to begin the request process, print out and complete the Police Record Request Form.  Motor Vehicle Accident reports may also be obtained via the Town of Eastham website by clicking here.

Who do I call to report a power outage in my neighborhood?
Contact Eversource Electric at (800) 592-2000 to report all power outages.  You can also report a power outage on-line to Eversource by clicking here.

How can I obtain a burning permit?
Burning permit's can be obtained at the fire station. Open burning is allowed between January 15th through, and including May 1st. A one-time seasonal fee of $10 is required to obtain a burning permit.  For more information visit the Eastham Fire Departments web page here.

Can a Police Officer query my license plate without observing me commit a motor vehicle infraction?
An explanation of court rulings on this issue can be found in this article.

I was pulled over by a police officer, why did a second police car show up?
Conducting traffic stops is one of the most dangerous, yet necessary tasks a patrol officer does. Although intimidating, a second cruiser will usually stop by to ensure the safety of the officer that initiated the stop.

The officer said he was using radar but he was going in the opposite direction.
Eastham Police vehicles are equipped with moving directional radar which allows the officer to determine the speed of oncoming traffic while operating in the opposite direction.
The officer followed me for several minutes before pulling me over, why?
After observing a violation and safely catching up to the violating vehicle, the officers objective continues to be safety. The officer will signal the vehicle to stop in a place that he/she feels provides the most safety for the officer, the vehicle stopped and the traffic. The officer may wait to pull over a vehicle for several minutes or travel some distance.
I received a speeding citation and the fine was huge, why did the officer make it for so much?
All fines are set by the legislature, the officer has no discretion in the fine amount.

Eastham, Massachusetts
2500 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642 PH: 508.240.5900 Hours: 8AM - 4PM, Mon - Fri.
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