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Open Space Committee Minutes 03/17/10
Members present: Frank Dobek, Robert Cook, Robert Mumford, Peter Wade, Sue Haley, Steve Gulrich
Members absent: Stephen Smith
Staff Present:  Rachel Hutchinson

There was discussion about the entrance sign at Wiley Park. It was apparently too close to the fee booth so will be moved again. The reason the sign was initially moved further into the park and away from Herringbrook Rd was because it wasn’t visible from both directions and the size of the print was not intended for cars going by at higher speeds. The committee discussed other options for a simple sign with the words “Wiley Park” that could be placed out near the entrance, but since no funds are currently available it was left that we would keep our eyes out for opportunities to acquire a sign. The committee is also interested in placing locator signs with trail maps at the head of most open space parcels and will look for opportunities to acquire signs for that as well.

The fuel reduction fire management project is ongoing. The NRO has spent several days in Wiley Park recently thinning debris. A concern was raised by a resident about the lack of great horned owls in the last several years. Discussion centered on how work might be amended around owl activity. Mr. Cook said it would be very hard to determine real disturbance in this situation without identifying a host tree. There could be many factors affecting the presence of owls. He feels they are relatively tolerant however some sensitivity to nesting season (which is underway) should be warranted. Mr. Dobek suggested we follow up by contacting Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary for more guidance.

The community garden site is still to be decided. The arrangement did not work out with Nauset High School. The Children’s Place has very steep terrain and there are concerns with unaffiliated adults hanging around the Children’s Place. Ms. Hutchinson stated that the Roach Property is the best suited site. There was a meeting with the Selectmen on 3/18/10 to discuss the site further. They would put in a hand pump, or consider a water truck for the season.

Ms. Hutchinson presented a chart showing the latest measurements for all the plantings in the 1651 Forest. Most plants continue to show growth and good health. Ms. Haley explained that the Friends of 1651 Arboretum were concerned about briar and slow growth of some of the species and requested mulching these specific species. The Advisory Committee discussed it and it was determined that some stress helps to grow stronger trees. Mulching was to be limited to only ½ of the sassafras for comparison purposes. The elms were to be watched until May or June to see how they rebound on their own. The tupelos are in a wetland buffer so Mr. O’Connor was going to check with the town conservation officer to see if it would even be possible to mulch.

The committee looked at the Open Space work plan and noted that we need to update the list of open space land parcels that would be of interest to the committee should an opportunity arise for purchasing. We’ll take a closer look at this at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on 4-28-2010 and will be at the NRO office at 7 PM..

Mrs. Haley made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Cook seconded and all approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Suzanne Haley